Hairpin Turn by Ruth Anderson
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"Ruth Anderson takes the content of Servant Leadership  and pours it through her rich experiences as a professor, corporate executive and mother.  What she delivers are stories that deeply touch the lives of her listeners, displaying potential applications for this transformative material and
providing hope.

The Rev. Susan Gladin
United Methodist Ministe




  Why Hairpin?

Ruth explains in this video clip (3:57)

welcome to the hairpin community

You are a woman who aims to balance ambition and achievements with relationships and compassion. Your competence can startle you, yet your insecurity sometimes embarrasses you. You juggle what to make for dinner with what you can do to change the world. You are—more often than you admit—physically exhausted, mentally tapped out, and emotionally heartbroken about the needs of others. You want a vacation badly!

How do I know? I've been there. Having found a way to live and work with greater balance, energy, and love, I support your search for a similar transformation. On these pages and in this community, you will find resources, practical suggestions and exercises to help you take the hairpin turn that brings you into alignment with your best, most authentic self.

why "hairpin" ?

When I started this journey, I was a corporate vice president, and I wore my hair back in a tight bun as my executive look. My head was full of misguided ideas about leadership and life. As I learned to trust the intelligence of my heart, my gaze softened—as did my hairstyle and lifestyle.

In the book Hairpin Turn: Trusting Your Heart's Direction in Leadership and Life, I describe this journey. I tell a story about how one hairpin slipped loose and mysteriously facilitated a turn from one way of being to another. This hairpin is a beautiful symbol of our journey home. In the same way that a hairpin turn on a road changes our course 180 degrees, Hairpin Turn maps out how to make a dramatic change in our leadership and life.

With a Trusting Heart,